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Grand estate art peak restriction under the control of prices mo

Enterprise - the high-end Interviews - real estate broadcast - focus - thematic planning - micro-blog in March 1st this year, Dalian purchase limit promulgated the first anniversary.This year,louboutin pas cher, the property market through which the Dalian Dalian prices situation changes,christian louboutin pas cher, through which the ups and downs?Regulation year to just be property buyers and speculative property buyers achieve those effects.
We are privileged to Dalian grand estate sales manager Qu Yifeng attend Sohu micro-blog micro interview, in a interview I, music manager also accepted the exclusive interview, as we opened the first anniversary of the veil of regulation.
[micro interviews: this year is restricted to buy your things] Dalian grand estate sales manager Qu Yifeng Sohu Focus Network: Music Manager hello.I am glad you are today to accept our interview.
Want to ask for the manager, the purchase of the year for speculative property buyers, is it right? Played some role restrictions?Folk art peak: first, the purchase of that issue, the main is to limit speculative property buyers, housing more available to people just need.
After the purchase, the market now property buyers mostly just needs to give priority to, also part of commercial real estate investment projects for the buyers.Sohu Focus Network: needs to improve the housing property buyers how to deal with the purchase?Peak: art needs to improve the property buyers also has many, but now they purchase, Shoufu also promoted, interest rates also promoted, to improve demand property buyers injury still exists.
But I believe, then the policy will continue to improve, to this type of crowd more wards choose.Sohu Focus Network: your daily exposure to large amounts of property buyers, please according to the actual situations, analyze the present home-buyer's psychological?Folk art Feng: I to a property buyers mentality, now many people worry after buying a house, that house prices will fall, a lot of people in the wait-and-see.
But there is another kind of crowd,louboutin, was in 2011 after a year wait, 2012 need to marry and can't wait, so leading to associate Xianfang Xianfang get their favour.There is a class of people is to feel the current developers funds is relatively tight, is a bargaining in good time, through bargaining to fight for their own interests more.
Sohu Focus Network: the purchase of not only limits the property buyers, developers also limits.Then the current developers will not take certain promotional price means into the hands of the stock of housing prices?Folk art is the main peak: real estate business's own situation.
For example, some large enterprises, capital strength is strong, then they can smoothly through this period of low prices, instead of.There are a number of relatively small enterprises, financial strength is not enough, the existence of the loan pressure, may take a certain price promotions, but I think not very large amplitude.
Sohu Focus Network: in your opinion, the market trend, ask you for our analysis?Folk art peak: the next trend should be relatively stable after 2011, so stringent regulation, the real estate market has embarked on a reasonable direction.
More developers, began to pursue wenzhongqiusheng.Thank you very much for the manager to accept our interview.Listening to music manager introduction, for limiting the purchase of collar for prices and property buyers impact have a further understanding.
Stand by 20000 [Chongqing] Henderson Cui Ting 6000 enjoy 250000 preferential [Ji'nan] economic high Shun Austrian Washington Madden low plain 7988/ [Chongqing] Shuimunianhua associate Xianfang 10% preferential [Shenyang] that the beautiful Chinese city Mingfa Fairview Hwaseong panic buying [Chongqing] of international city innocence courtyard house Rings 6 elevator real 540000.

Hunan Lanshan county and the round belly. Partner substandard cosmetics

Blog China Network Alliance round a their own business when the boss dream - enterprise party to bui

Mask cosmetics industry new point of growth - - Information Center - China Cosmetics Network - China

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Samsung Apple patent litigation hearing technology giants to con

No account?Register now home mobile phone Russia tough, Japan back down?Russia not to yield a step to the disputed islands, bomber ammunition deter flight depart from one's normal behavior to common development, day.
Phoenix newspaper: China rule swimming pools Sun Yang and leaf poetry to rule the pool, before this, Europe and the United States who is the protagonist here."Yang" name Chinese swimming male athletes also never stand on the highest podium games, today, Sun Yang did.
Font size: 0 T|T in 0 comments print forwarding Phoenix Science and technology news Beijing standard time on July 29th message,christian louboutin pas cher, according to foreign technology blog AllThingsD report,louboutin pas cher, next week, Samsung and Apple will be in San Jose courts over patent infringement to start a war, but behind the scenes a confidentiality of information war has started ahead of schedule.
In addition to apple and Samsung, also includes Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft and other companies, high-tech tycoon in succession to the local court, court of request for various court file details away from the public eye.
These hopes were confidential file details including their product related product graphs, contract terms and internal market research report.In addition to the above by the major high-tech companies to the court request confidential content, the Apple Corp tried to purchase from the market research organization studies is also incorporated into the scope of confidentiality.
Apple Corp says, once these reports reveal to the public, not only undermines the report itself, but will also affect the apple and the relationship between these research firm.And Reuters think should not support technology company's request, and that all things should be open.
Reuters lawyer in a against a motion that, ? third party companies with them with apple or Samsung agreement, to enable the court to keep a secret,louboutin, this untenable reasons.Their license terms also did not rise to the level of commercial secrets worth keeping.
? on what information should be open around the ? ? this legal battle with &ldquo Samsung ? next Monday; Apple patent litigation case tried before &rdquo.As the trial date draws near, the judge has tightened the parties provide file to maintain intimate scale.
Apple said Friday, it has been more than 100 case, but at the same time involves seeking privacy protection file number reduced to into 4 abstract and more than 30 papers.Apple argued that the files relating to the content of highly sensitive.
Apple said, ? if the apple for privacy protection of the documents in the public domain, will give Apple causes many sided, irreversible loss.Apple will lose the confidence of partners ? ? prior to apple with such confidential material precondition is highly personal; will be on third party research agencies report of market harm; and disclosure of large amounts of highly sensitive protocol details ? ? Apple's competitors will be on Apple's cost structure, profit rate and the knowledge property get deep understanding.
? apple and Samsung also submit a relevant procedures, they hope in the court to follow this procedure to provide evidence.The two companies on Friday issued a joint statement, ? although both sides have yet to avoid providing contain highly sensitive information.
Finally reached an agreement, but Samsung and apple are said to be committed to reconciliation talks, try to make the court to reduce confidential evidence of need, and to ensure that the trial is carried out in public.

Cosmetics shopping paradise Japan drugstore shopping spree benefits all Raiders

Liu Xiang's parents want daughter-in-law friend Zhang Luo Liu Xiang after blind date.

535 transmit bawdy pornography and low common information microblogging account to be shut down in a

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Clarins cosmetics founder granddaughter sisters fashion dress up

Clarins cosmetics founder granddaughter sisters fashion dress up in 2012 05 Oct 25 13:39 VOGUE fashion network high,louboutin pas cher, thin,christian louboutin pas cher, young, speak French,louboutin, blond, temperament elegant, high-profile, dressed in finery, sitting in the front row life.
Who are they?Since last March in New York fashion week debut, against which the girls were the human flesh search has never stopped, they watch the show including Thakoon, Rodarte and Michael Kors, and even some senior fashion fans also claimed that he had never seen them.
Finally the mystery, they are Virginie, Claire, Jenna and Prisca Courtin-Clarins, Clarin cosmetics founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins pretty girls.The 4 girls as sisters Virginie and Claire style most appreciated.
Two girls (Virginie, 26; Claire, 24), love will be colorful costumes mix together, they form in addition to always has enough to see the details, with major suit in the sense of quality, but also very suitable to their age.

Beijing online shopping blog world companies let life become

Sony Honda 18 special strong garrison in Xinlong Proton car city

The cosmetics network agents, future direction He Fang

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The field ridge records old Wuhan --24 hour rolling news - peopl

The Hubei daily news Huazhong Normal University Wuhan Institute of media and Chen Sijie Yu Xudong,louboutin pas cher
Hankou dock, department entrance, Hanzheng Street, public park,louboutin, Jianghan Road......These familiar landmarks, from Hankou port to the central city of Wuchang, from the first justice to Xin Hai hundred years, accompanied by the Wuhan city has experienced 150 years of historical changes.
Three students last year, and more than 10 dialogues, shooting a documentary history of Wuhan export "three autumn", will more than 100 years of concentrated groundless talk in about 113 minutes.Prior to graduation, they will documentary to studying in the city.
The handsome prince, a Jingheng,christian louboutin pas cher, thick, is the Chinese teacher Wuhan Media Institute 2008 level of radio and TV director professional graduates.They are from Yichang, Jingzhou, Shiyan, to Wuhan after studying, on the city's history had a strong interest in the.
Three people from 2010 October to begin planning for documentary.Preparation for up to 6 months, libraries, the Internet to gather information, finished script, lists the shooting plan.Not everyone in the film, there is no professional equipment, they will use two SLR camera started filming road.
In post-production, to a few seconds of film, can be discussed for several hours.
"Three autumn" by the famous writer Dong Hongyou, Xin Hai Chester descendants of Zhou Guoxun, artists Xu Yonggang, folk artists sparrow et al Wuhan oral, showing the old open pier from 1861 up to now history.
And the last part of the young man's dictation, expression of the "after 80" and "90 after" the city changes in perception, for the development of the city.
Wu said Shuai, countless people's efforts to promote the development of the city, in exchange for the contemporary young people's happiness.

Local cosmetics six predicament - - Information Center - China Cosmetics Network - China cosmetics i

The Xiangfang O2O change cosmetics chain store that passengers difficult, to hard - Information Cent

is it right this ev

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Cosmetics marketing four criteria - Information Center - China C

C2CC China Cosmetics Network > beauty skin care products cosmetics information > > terminal marketing four criteria gold peloton Jin-yao future Shanghai gold peloton • Jane and extract new image of the new product the debut ceremony.
.. [into subject] no user comments,christian louboutin pas cher, come and grab the sofa,louboutin!Notice of the people's Republic of China, abide by the relevant laws and regulations, bear all the result of your behavior and lead to legal liability, site administrators have the right to remove their jurisdiction commentary content,louboutin pas cher, your comment, the network website have the right to reprint or references, in this comment shows that you have read and accept the above terms C2CC welcome you contribute contribute mailbox edit@c2cc.
cn Disclaimer: &middot; the network published or reprinted all kinds of information, is for the purpose of transfer more information, not for profit purposes, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of the content.

kylin large cuff Tas

Spring Fashion Department

Tip and has a 10 cm

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